Are you happy at work?

Author: Alexandre Boyer – VP Operations – Nubik

You probably know that Nubik is a company that operates in a virtual environment. Every single one of our employees works from home. When we’re chatting with folks from outside the company, their first instinct is to say, “I could never work from home.”

Despite our physical distance from each other, we are often closer to our colleagues than those in other workplaces. Does real happiness at work come from being able to see each other in person, and being able to reach out to touch one another? It’s a complex equation, that’s not easy to boil down to this one factor.

Here are a few elements which we believe are essential to happiness at work and professional fulfillment:


At the end of the day, ideally each of us has the feeling that we’re developing both professionally and personally. Obviously, everyone is inspired by different challenges and activities. It’s important, then, that we have tasks we find fulfilling.

Ask yourself the question: what is it that really gets me engaged about my work? Most organizations have challenges enough for all of us. If your real passion, the one that stimulates and also improves your organization’s performance, isn’t what you’re doing at the moment, then it’s up to you to ask for a change.


Working together helps us feel good – whether it’s feeling good about being able to help a colleague who’s stuck, or asking for help and getting a hand when we need it.

Keep in mind that first and foremost, a company is the sum of its parts – its employees. The more they stick together, the stronger the group. But above all, knowing that you have support in times of need is priceless.


In all areas of life, success breeds success, and with this comes happiness! If the products that you’re creating or the projects you’re working on are successful, its likely then that you will be enthusiastic about going to work.

In short, if you’re looking for work, be on the lookout for a growing business that enjoys a good reputation. Chances are good that you’ll find a happy work atmosphere.

Employee recognition

Do you feel like your employer recognizes your worth? Do you get kudos for a job well done? When you do a good job, you rightly feel proud. When your achievements are mentioned by your peers and by management, it enhances your feeling of accomplishment, and makes you even happier of being part of your organization.

…and respect

Last but not least, do you feel like the organization listens to your opinions? Are you consulted prior to big decisions that might impact the organization? Of course, not every decision can be run by every employee, but if you’re active in your organization, your ideas deserve at the least to be heard and considered (as long as they’re not too far-fetched!)

Happiness is a personal state that is influenced by many factors. For sure, we’re all going to have days and even weeks when being at work is not a thrill. And when that’s the case, take a step back and take in the longer term, and the big picture. Overall, are you happy?

Ask yourself whether:

  • You’re stimulated
  • You work in a collaborative, team-oriented workplace
  • You and your company are successful
  • You’re recognized as an employee
  • You’re respected


Eric’s ONENubik Story

Eric's ONENubik Story on the Blog

By Eric Rodrigue, Project Manager with Nubik

My wife and I have been involved with North County Mission of Hope for over ten years. We happened to meet them by chance on the plane to Nicaragua, en route to our honeymoon. We chatted with them, their mission spoke to us, we visited their site, and the rest is history.

North County Mission of Hope works on several fronts: sponsoring children (like World Vision), as well as supporting nutrition, health, education and housing efforts, among others.

We’ve been sponsoring a girl we met back in 2007, when she was five. For a few hundred dollars per year, we provide her with school supplies, and nutritional and medical support.

In 2013, my wife, who teaches nursing, started a new branch of the organization that focuses on healthcare. She travels to Nicaragua twice a year with nursing students and a doctor – they hold clinics in various villages, and organize other health-related activities. Last November, our kids and I went with her and we participated in activities like distributing food, building housing, and providing field support. It was a great experience that I hope to repeat! On this trip, I met Melissa, the little girl we’ve been sponsoring, who is now a young woman. I’ll never forget this meeting, and know that exposing our children to her life will broaden their horizons.

My wife now sits on the Mission’s Board, and I probably will too, in November. In addition to providing general leadership and developing the nursing program, we hope to extend the mission by recruiting new sponsors in Quebec, and help optimize management activities by sitting on the IT/data committee (I’m a tech guy through and through).

We receive so many benefits from our involvement with North County Mission of Hope that we’ve decided to make it a long-term family affair.

No Act of Kindness Too Small

No act of kindness is too small - ONENubik testimonials on Blog

Ever since I started working, I’ve been donating 1% of my annual salary (or half of one paycheque) to charity. Instead of asking myself whether I should give to community organizations, I ask myself which one I’ll give to this year.

Joel Tessier, Salesforce Consultant at Nubik


I make a monthly donation to Doctors Without Borders and to the Canadian Cancer Society. I also make one-off donations to fund drives for Leucan and others. My partner and I volunteer for the Knights of Columbus. This year, I donated to the Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary and to Autisme Québec.

Mireille Mainville, Project Manager at Nubik


I don’t do anything out of the ordinary; I donate to the Montreal Children’s Hospital and to Opération Enfant Soleil.

Feriel Bougherara Marin, HR Specialist at Nubik

Nathalie’s Footloose

Nathalie's Trottibus ONENubik Story on the Blog

By Nathalie Adam, Project Manager with Nubik

I’m a volunteer walker for my neighborhood school’s walking bus. I started a group, called “Trottibus,” with other parents when my daughter started preschool last year.

Families who live within a 2km radius of their school now have an alternative to busing or driving: they can walk to school as part of a group, following a set itinerary and schedule, while being supervised by volunteer walkers. Children get exercise and fresh air before they have to sit in a classroom, and parents have the peace of mind of knowing that their children are safe. Some of our volunteers are retirees, and this gives them a great reason to get out of bed in the morning. Others are working people like me, who are glad to get in a bit of exercise before sitting at a desk for a long stretch of time.

There are Trottibuses all over Quebec! Check out their website. The Canadian Cancer Society supports this program under their active transport initiative.

Annie’s ONENubik Story

annie's ONENubik story on the blog

Annie Chiasson is a Project Manager with Nubik. She discusses her volunteer experience with ONENubik.

For the last 10 years, I’ve been a volunteer mentor for Parrainage Civique du Haut Richelieu, a local branch of Parrainages civiques du Québec. This organization matches mentors with children living with an intellectual disability, who have autism spectrum disorder, or who have a physical disability, to help them fully integrate into society.

I’ve been mentoring a fantastic girl, Valérie, who has Down’s Syndrome. We get together once a month and do all sorts of fun things. I find I receive so much more than I give! Valérie helps me to appreciate the small moments in life and understand that despite our differences, we all have the same needs and goals. I, in turn, try to apply her teachings in interactions with my friends and family, and pass on my experience to others.


I’m currently involved in the Ocsober challenge (October – sober) for youth involved with the Grand Chemin project. The Centre helps kids who are struggling with addictions, for example alcohol or even video games! I’m doing my bit by abstaining from alcohol during the month of October 2017.

Nubik Day at Moisson Montreal

Nubik Day at Moisson Montreal

While normally we all telecommute, every few months, we get together in person for Nubik Day. Nubik Day is a day of learning and sharing company updates, company successes, discovering the latest updates, brainstorming, and welcoming new team members. We get to spend time in each other’s company and usually end the day with some games (laser tag, bowling, pool) and food.

This past Nubik Day was very special because we spent the morning volunteering for Moisson Montreal.  Moisson Montreal is Canada’s largest food bank, providing food to many community food banks spread throughout the city of Montreal. Since part of our company culture is about giving back to our community,  it makes sense to gather us all together and chip in where we can. We put on our safety gear and got to work right in the warehouse in two teams. One team had to fill coffee bags and the other team (mine) packed and loaded cabbages onto pallets.

I noticed something fascinating and I think very unique happening – each individual took ownership and initiative – just naturally. No one told us exactly how to work; we each took turns jumping in, assessing where there was a need and addressing it, naturally. We also constantly strived to optimize how work was being done. I noticed after our break, for the second half of the morning we were actually working faster. Everyone had found a rhythm and a groove. It’s remarkable to sit back for a second and realize you are part of something so synergistic!


I think this represents well the type of personalities that work at Nubik – we are independent, but we know how to work together in concert to get work done. We also make sure all our systems are optimized for efficiency. I think we do this in our work whether it’s packing cabbages or implementing Salesforce. It’s a way of thinking and working that is natural to us.

Of course, we still know how to have fun! We ate well, had a few drinks, and had a great time coming together as ONENubik!

Giving Back to The Community

nubik working together to give back to the community -

One of Nubik’s values is giving back to the community. We not only encourage individual employees to get involved and support causes they believe in, we also work together as a team to fundraise and volunteer. Community engagement helps us stay connected despite working remotely in our day-to-day.

2016 was a big year of growth for us, and that success flowed over into our efforts to give back. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Together with our friends from Salesforce, we participated in Community Day at Moisson Montreal, Canada’s largest food bank.
  • In June, we held an arcade event on behalf of Miriam Foundation, which supports people with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders.
  • Another great initiative by Team Nubik: our hockey team placed 3rd in its category during Games for Hope. 100% of the net proceeds raised from this event were shared amongst The Starlight Children’s Foundation – Quebec, Breakfast Club of Canada, and Leucan (Montréal – Laval)
  • We donated our time to Foundation Jovia, which sends therapeutic clowns and entertainers into children’s hospitals to brighten their day.
  • We broke a sweat at the Lachine Marathon to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Society Montreal.
  • We supported two of our employees, Guillaume and Xavier, while they skiied for 24H Tremblant, which benefits three major foundations dedicated to children’s causes, including the Charles Bruneau Foundation, the Senators Foundation and Fondation Tremblant.
  • We also cheered on Xavier again when he biked in the Tour Charles Bruneau which benefits the Fondation Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau.
  • In December, we collected non perishables for la Guignolé at our Christmas party.
  • This year already, and last year, we attended the fundraising events of Suicide Action Montreal.

We at Nubik are pleased to use our passion and energy to support so many important causes.

We already have big plans for 2017, with Kurling 4 Kids coming up and many more!

Here’s your chance to donate to our teams and help us give back!
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