Salesforce-focused Solution Provider, Nubik, Turning New Opportunities into Rapid Expansion

Media Coverage | by Mark Cox



Montreal-based Nubik has been growing systematically for much of its history, and over the last six years has focused entirely on Salesforce. In the last year in particular, leveraging new opportunities generated by the Salesforce platform, the solution provider has embarked on an aggressive expansion strategy. They have been expanding in Ontario and moving into both the northeast U.S. and Maritime provinces. They have also been moving up from the mid-market to pursue more enterprise customers.

Notable Quote

“We were the first official Salesforce partner in Montreal. We know the Salesforce product inside out, but at the end of the day this doesn’t solve the customer’s business challenges. So we can best be described as a business consulting firm with geeks in the back that know everything about the technology.” ~ Dany Jacques, Vice President of Sales and Strategic Alliances, Nubik

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