New Nubik Referral Program

They say the best business comes from word of mouth. We certainly have had great success with that. We trust people who have introduced us to other people we trust, and often companies in similar industries have similar needs. Nubik has built up an impressive amount of experience over the last 12 years, and privileged to work with such amazing teams. Over time, these aren’t just clients – they become friends to us. So as a thank you, we want to reward our loyal friends who continue to bring us business.

From now until December 14th, every time you refer a friend to us, and they decide to work with us, you get entered in a draw to win a black leather Hermes Apple Watch. There’s no limit to how many trusted friends you can refer.

If you make the referral, a Nubik representative will contact you to get some background on your friend. They will then reach out with a friendly note, explaining the details of why we are contacting them. It will be professional, courteous and let them know that you referred them to us.

If your friend contacts us directly, we will discuss their needs, and then follow up to let you know that they reached out. If the conversation ends on a high note, your name will be entered into a draw for the watch.

If you win, or even if you don’t, we will let you know!

Full details can be found here. Good luck! We’d love to have your friends as our new friends.

FinancialForce Videos From Dreamforce

Nubik has a close relationship with FinancialForce. We got to meet its President and CEO, Jeremy Roche when we were at Dreamforce last month! So of course we were excited to see FinancialForce has released all their video content from Dreamforce on their website. A one-time login will give you free access to all their FinancialForce, Professional Services, Human Capital Management, Salesforce CPQ presentations and more! There is even content for developers!

Some of the topics included are:

-Lightning Communities and Components

-Connecting your front and back office data

-Maximizing the impact of your nonprofit mission

-Billing and revenue management

-Perfecting the sales to service handoff

-How to manage multiple revenue streams for products & services

Each video of audio and slides is about one hour long and packed full of information. Perfect to review over a lunch break.

Learn more about our FinancialForce implementation services and how to best integrate them into your company workflow.

Dreamforce 2016 Highlights

We know not everybody gets the chance to go to Dreamforce, so if you didn’t make it, don’t worry! In addition to the now-famous U2 concert, and cool swag, we’ve summed up some of the top product themes coming out of San Francisco last week.


Dreamforce was heavily focused on Einstein this year. What is Einstein when Salesforce is talking about him? Well, imagine he’s working for Salesforce. That’s what happened when Salesforce integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the core of their platform. Over time, it gets smarter and smarter, predicting actions and behaviours in sales, service and marketing. It will even start to know you and perform automatic actions – again, to save you time and make your sales or marketing cycle more efficient. It’s like having the smartest business assistant in your pocket. The first of its kind, Salesforce is now the world’s smartest CRM. Click here to watch a preview.

Lightning Bolt

Like a flash of brilliance from the clouds, Lightning Bolt is a new framework for deploying next generation communities and portals faster. With Lightning Bolt, companies can jumpstart the creation of a new community, next-generation portal or customer-facing website that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce CRM in a fraction of the time and with far less investment than was required before.

Salesforce DXapp-cloud-salesforce-dx

Keeping with the streamlining theme, Salesforce DX is a new way to manage and develop Salesforce apps with increased productivity, control and collaboration. It’s integrated with Heroku Flow and supports automated deployments off GitHub repositories. Development, staging and deployment are all streamlined, and the integrated test suite allows for continuous integration. Developers are going to really love this! (Note that it will only be ready in Winter ’17)

Google Apps Integration

There are great new integrations coming from Salesforce and Google Apps. Salesforce is already seamlessly connected with Google Sheet and Slides, but in Winter 2017, they’ll be syncing Gmail’s emails, contacts and events out of the box with Lightning. This comes with a fully customizable side panel running on Einstein to quickly create new records directly from the Gmail inbox.

Google Sheets will also soon be integrated with Salesforce, out of the box, with a new product called Sales Cloud for Sheets. You get to download records to Sheets at the click of a button (using list views) and can perform real time updates directly from the sheet. It supports mass updates, and validation rules are enforced. This makes mass updates amazingly easy.


quip_salesforce-logoQuip was acquired by Salesforce this past August, and while some people were a little skeptical about such an acquisition, we see it as a time-saver. Quip is a document and communication hub in the cloud. Any changes made in one document, whether on mobile or desktop, get synced with the rest of the team – helping to eliminate multiple worksheets and emails. For example, there are live Salesforce fields within Quip documents, so if you close a deal in Quip, it updates in Salesforce. It’s also a personal organizer, allowing you to enter and keep track of goals or tasks. They’ve also saved you time by enabled single sign-in. With Quip exemplifying efficiency and collaboration, Quip and Salesforce working together is exactly how Salesforce expects teamwork to look like.

In addition to Salesforce product annoucnements, we also visited the exhibits and found a few gems and up and comers to help you get more out of Salesforce:

Dell Boomi for® Integration

application_graphic_salesfo-1Dell Boomi AtomSphere® enables Salesforce® users to reduce data errors, minimize IT expenditures, and realize their goal of having fully integrated and synchronized customer information across businesses processes. Whether connecting Salesforce to other SaaS applications between departments or across geographic locations, AtomSphere is the centralized platform to deliver enterprise grade integration with all of the cost savings and benefits you would expect from a SaaS solution.

opportunities-histogramPlotly for Python

Plotly for Python takes your Salesforce Reports Module and allows for greater interactivity. There’s even a “Play With This Data!” button, allowing you to explore more options, share and collaborate. We can see a theme here with making Salesforce do the heavy lifting for you and allowing you to gain greater insight into what really makes your sales cycle a winning one.


Inspired and want to learn more about implementing these features with your Salesforce? Contact us for a free consultation.

What Is A Platinum Salesforce Partner?

When shopping around for a Salesforce consultant, you’ve probably seen the different statuses: Gold, Silver and Platinum Partners. What do they mean and does it really matter?

Salesforce created the standards and levels and judges partners based on a Partner Value Score, or PVS. The PVS is based on three criteria over a period of 12-18 months:

1. Sales
2. Expertise
3. Customer Satisfaction

The more sales a partner has, the more successful and experienced they are. Salesforce recognizes partners that have worked on a variety of accounts and understand the details of implementations. Salesforce also recognizes partners that choose to specialize, for instance those which only take clients in the nonprofit sector.

Expertise is measured in the number of certifications the employees of the partner hold. These don’t just include Sales Cloud and Service Cloud certifications, but also Platform Developers, App Builders, and Pardot Consultants as well. Partners with a deeper and varied knowledge base can better serve their clients.

Customer satisfaction is measured independently, by Salesforce. They survey past and current clients to determine who is providing the highest levels of customer support and service.

It’s important to feel confident your Salesforce consultant is knowledgeable and has the necessary expertise to execute your implementation project. With the established status levels, you can be assured you will receive a high level of service. If you want it done right the first time, consider using the Partner Value Score as a guide.

When searching for a partner on the Salesforce site, you can search by partner level. You’ll see Nubik is a Salesforce Platinum level consulting partner with over 12 years of experience. We serve clients in both the US and Canada, and offer support and services in both English and French. We can’t wait to have you as a client.

Salesforce on a Map? You bet!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Now imagine that picture is a map, overlaid with your opportunities, leads, customers, service calls … You get the idea.

We’ve all worked with Salesforce – it’s a great platform for capturing a wealth of data. It also has a powerful reporting engine to allow you to organize this data into tables, charts, graphs, and so on. But in the world of big data is that enough?

Well, kind of … but not quite. And the reason for that goes back to biology basics. The human brain has an easier time processing complex information when it is presented visually. It becomes even easier to process when that information is presented in a relevant, visual context. In the case of sales data, while graphs and charts are a gateway, true data visualization comes by layering information onto picture.


Enter MapAnything

The leader in MAP, Mapping and GeoAnalytics on the Salesforce platform, MapAnything is the latest among Nubik’s partners and they have most powerful geo-analytics and mapping tool available in Salesforce. Users can visualize leads, sales opportunities, customers and really, any Salesforce object, on a map. And because of its proprietary, cross-object query engine, users can filter views us
ing fields from multiple objects.

Sounds promising, but what does that really mean for you and your team? You can see the full feature list on the MapAnything website, but here are some features that we really like:



Territory and sales management … on a map!

  • Reassign territories by dragging boundaries
  • Aggregate opportunities on a geo-view
  • Track activities, task and event logging


Every day sales planning … on a map!

  • Know which accounts are nearby in the field and quickly replace cancelled appointments
  • Search for new prospects via the Google Places integration and add them to Salesforce
  • Route planning to optimize customer visits when you’re on the road
  • Create and edit Salesforce records directly from the map



And who doesn’t love a good report … on a map!

  • Identify geographies that need attention or improvement.
  • Clarify which factors influence customer behavior.
  • Understand which products or services work better in which region
  • Report anything on a map

Ultimately, MapAnything provides you a way to see your sales information in an easy to digest way, so you can ask the right questions and make the best business decisions. And yes, it works on PCs, tablets, and phones, so you’re good in the office and on the road.

Ready to get started? Contact us today for a demo. Finding your way has never been easier.

1st Time at Dreamforce? Here’s some tips to help you get ready

Plane ticket. Check.
Hotel reservation. Check.
Business cards. Check.

Now imagine this: 150K people descending on downtown San Francisco at the same time as you to attend over 1600+ conference sessions or visit over 1000 exhibitors. The city is full of “Dreamforcers” from all over the world. You’ve got the basics covered, but you need to spend a few minutes to prepare yourself. Read on to for tips from our Dreamforce veterans …

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Happy Birthday, AppExchange!

Nubik says Happy Birthday to Salesforce AppExchange

January 14, 2016–A very happy birthday to the Salesforce AppExchange®! Ten years is an exciting milestone for all of us who have come to depend on the incredible business tool that the AppExchange has become in that time.

As a partner, our job is to help clients build their businesses by strengthening their Salesforce acumen and by expanding the possibilities for reaching their customer base. We have always appreciated how the AppExchange provides businesses of all sizes the ability to create and define their presence and connect with customers.

With the wide variety of apps available on the AppExchange, businesses can deploy solutions with speed and agility, open new markets, access specialized niches, and connect with selective markets, easily finding a community of like-minded organizations within the larger realm of the AppExchange arena.

An app can mean many things: information, interaction, investment, inclusion. But one of the most joyful things about helping clients launch an app with the AppExchange is seeing the results–new information about customers, feedback and suggestions, local involvement and collaboration with other businesses, and a real sense of pride at creating a useful public tool that connects a business with its customers.

We recently worked with AtmanCo, a company whose mission is to help organizations efficiently hire people who fit well with that organization’s needs. They developed some compelling and useful psychometric tests, and they wanted a way to make their testing available in a portable and simple format. As we worked with them to create their app, Atman Psychometric Assessments for Salesforce, and launch it on the AppExchange, we found their insight so valuable that we decided to employ the very app we helped them create in our own hiring process. Information, interaction, investment, inclusion–all results of our collaboration.

Our own experience with launching products on the AppExchange has been invigorating in a business sense and interactive in a collaborative sense. Our latest product, Oversight, is an app we created to help Salesforce users manage their Chatter conversations. Oversight was a solution borne of our own needs within our teams to organize and make our internal communications clearer, and we realized that putting it on the AppExchange provides other organizations with the same opportunity to organize and connect with one another. This collaborative tool is now available for anyone who wants to quickly and easily adopt a rapid solution and many of our fellow AppExchange consumers will benefit from this idea that initially developed out of a need in our own business.

We work with clients all the time who have similar ideas–needs within their organization that beg a solution which would in turn be a solution many organizations could adopt. The AppExchange is really a wonderful tool for making such solutions available, and we have truly enjoyed our experiences creating and launching apps on the AppExchange for ourselves and for our clients.

We wish all the best to the #AppExchange10 team for another fantastic 10 years and look forward to taking part in this collaborative market!