Choosing the Right Salesforce Partner

How to choose the right Salesforce implementation partner

If you’ve ever typed in the words “Salesforce consultant” into the Google search bar, then you’re on the first steps into your journey for an implementation partner. You’ve also probably realized that there are a few to choose from, and you need to be sure that you’re making the right choice. You need to make an investment choice, and you want to to choose the right Salesforce partner. As any Salesforce user can attest, an improperly configured system can be a long term frustration. Or not using the platform to its full extent can hamper your ability to consolidate and optimize your business. So, how do you choose the right partner for you? It’s more than just technical skills and know how. Finding the right partner is finding the team that has the right mix of vision, process and talent to set you on the right path.

So what should you be looking for in a good partner relationship?

1. Dedication to Your Vision

A good partner is also going to ask you about your vision. Before rolling up our sleeves and asking about apps, fields, automations, page layouts, we want to know where you want to go. What are  your processes, what is your business structure, how do you organize sales. What’s working for you and what isn’t’ working for you. The solution we are going to build will last and in order for us to future proof it for you, we need to understand your objectives, your pains and find ways to help you. As your Salesforce consultant, we are much more than just a technical guide, we need to understand your business.

2. Dedication to Your Process

Our job is to “think like Salesforce”. Knowing the platform inside and out means you don’t have to change your process to match the CRM. Nor does it mean that you have to know the inside-out of the platform to make it match your needs. We do that for you. Our consultants will take the lead to ask you the hard questions, with a clear and focused process, to help you get the most out of the platform. Leveraging our experience with the hundreds of Salesforce implementations in many different types of organizations, allows us to design the best solution to meet your requirements. In addition, we’ll help you discover the full range of features, so you can get the most out of the platform.

3. Dedication to Our Relationships

When you work with us, you’ll find we’re committed for the long haul. We don’t like just having any and all business; we love repeat business. Most of our clients complete multiple projects with us, for 2 reasons: [1] Our crawl-walk-run approach means we never make you take on more than you can handle. We stage deployments at the pace that is right for your business and to help drive internal adoption. And we’ll always be there for you when you’re ready to take the next step. [2] Our customers have learned through experience to trust and value the guidance that we offer. Working closely hand-in-hand with you, we learn what makes you tick, and can offer that deeper level of strategic guidance that makes a successful long-lasting relationship.

4. Dedication to The People

At Nubik, we help you with the best objectives, the best technology, the best processes, and the best project management. But, what brings it all together is the people. A typical project will start with the management or executive team, listing goals such as centralized information, visibility, consistent processes. A lot of time is spent thinking through and documenting processes. The system is fined tuned to a T with the right fields, workflows, automations. The reports are ready and management is excited to dig into the data. But at the end of the day, it’s whether or not people are using the system that will make or break the project. A good partner will take this into consideration by looking beyond management needs to ask how will Salesforce make your employees jobs easier? Easier to get more leads, close more business, provide better customer service, and grow customer renewals. Taking on the project with the mindset of your users is at the core of any project, and doing so is the surest way to get them onboard at go-live. A good partner will understand this and help you design and launch the right system for all the people in your organization.


What do all these points have in common? Dedication. We’re passionate about what we do and it shows. Our dedication to the platform, to our customers and to success has kept us going for over 15 years. We invest in our employees and their training, and know that their success is what will make our customers successful. By extension, we take great interest in your success as well.

So, when you’re looking for a Salesforce implementation partner, look for someone with dedication – to the vision, to the process, and to the people that make it work.

Check out our Salesforce implementation services and learn how we can help you.

Handy Google Chrome Extensions for Salesforce Admins

handy google chrome extensions for salesforce admins blog post by copyright 2017

At Nubik, we’re always finding ways to enhance and extend Salesforce for our customers, but we don’t just do it for others, we live it ourselves! One afternoon our very own Chatter board became alive with our Project Managers and Salesforce Admins comparing notes about the best Google Chrome extensions for Salesforce they’ve been using. Words and phrases like “can’t live without it,” “time-saver” and “awesome” were thrown into the mix, so we’ve compiled the best ones here for you.

  1. Salesforce ORGanizer: Lets you forget about your Salesforce username and passwords and help you to recognize Salesforce tabs on your browser with colour coding.
  2. Salesforce Navigator: This extension helps you get to any Salesforce page quickly. Just type in what you need to do.
  3. Go Directly To User Detail on SFDC: Redirects directly to User Detail instead of new Chatter User Profile on Salesforce.
  4. S1 Demo: Opens Salesforce1 Mobile in a new phone-sized window.
  5. Boostr for Salesforce: Boost your admin and developer productivity on
  6. Salesforce Admin Check All: This extension provides ‘check all’ checkboxes on admin pages.
  7. Whitelist All IPs for Salesforce: Whitelist All IPs for a Salesforce organization.
  8. Salesforce Schema Builder Expander: Expands Salesforce schema builder to have more real estate to visualize.
  9. List me! for Salesforce: Go from a Salesforce record to its corresponding list view at the push of a button.
  10. Maximize Salesforce Data Rows: Displays maximum number of Salesforce data rows when ‘more’ link is clicked.
  11. SFDC Sandbox Favicon Extension: Adds an S to the standard Salesforce favicon to easily let you see when you’re in Sandbox or Production.
  12. Salesforce Colored Favicon: Changes the color of the standard SF favicon based on org, so you can keep multiple orgs organized.
  13. Salesforce Hotkeys: Adds hotkeys (shortcuts) to your Salesforce records page. Great time-saver!

They are many more available on the Chrome Web Store. Remember, they’re all free! I invite you all to explore and try them out.

Need more advice about how to make the most out of Salesforce, or just need some great time-saving tips? Contact us!

Salesforce Lightning is Ready. Are You?

Salesforce Lightning Before and After

You’ve certainly heard about it. You’ve probably seen the videos and read the reviews. Maybe you’ve even had a demo and the chance to get hands on with the features and functionality. It’s new and fresh. It’s modern. Yes. But, you have probably also heard early feedback questioning whether it is ready for prime time and are wondering whether it’s ready for your business. We’re here to help set you straight.

First, a Salesforce Lightning primer

Salesforce Lightning is a new, modern user interface that organizes information into a more visual, user-friendly way. From Sales to Service to Marketing, every department in your organization has something to gain. Information is more visual, and intuitive. The user experience is consistent across desktop, mobile and tablet. The result? Faster, more efficient usability that will help you find more customers, win more business and keep more customers.

Why now?

First announced in 2015, each seasonal release of Salesforce introduces significant new functionality.

Winter ‘17 brought about much anticipated functionality to Lightning Experience, including a significant improvement over previous versions that included

  • Quotes
  • Contracts Management
  • Many upgrades to Leads and Opportunities

And now with Spring ‘17 officially released, an additional 220+ features are being made available.

It’s important to recognize that Salesforce is investing heavily in Lightning, in an effort to modernize and update the way we use the platform. This means that with each release iteration, new features continue to be made available, increasing the robustness of the experience.

Sounds promising? Definitely.  But like anything in Salesforce, before you go and flip the switch, it’s important to take a step back, understand the overall impact in your installation, and build a plan for success.

3-step plan for success


Prepare a thorough review of your current usage across all departments including “out-of-the-box” and custom objects, workflows and automations, App Exchange apps, VisualForce pages, reports and dashboards, buttons and links, and third party integrations. Depending how your system is configured, not everything is supported and this is the time to understand the effect it will have on your business, and make an informed decision whether, what and when to migrate.


Once you have completed this evaluation, it’s time to define your migration plan. This includes adapting objects, reports and dashboards, VisualForce pages, and so on. Of course it also includes testing and user acceptance, in Sandbox and in Production. This is also the time to plan for user adoption training.


Although the new interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, it is a new way of working that your users will need to be introduced to. Schedule an official launch and include some adoption training to show how easy it is to use the new experience Over the following weeks, provide regular check-ins and opportunities for your users to provide feedback so you can continue to improve usability for your business.

Launching Lightning can be as simple as flipping the switch, however, our experience working with companies who have transitioned from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning, demonstrates that a thorough deployment takes a more strategic and well considered approach. Certainly, it will serve to make the transition more fluid and encourage adoption among your users.

We make Lightning easy

The goal of switching to Lighting Experience is to make things easier for your user. At Nubik we’ve watched it gain momentum with our customers and within the Salesforce community at large. To take the guesswork out of it for your organization, and help make a smooth transition, we’ve launched a Lightning Readiness Assessment package that includes a thorough platform assessment, gap analysis and recommended next actions. We also help our customers migrate to the new experience, including user training and adoption strategies so everyone in your company can start leveraging the new features and grow with it as Salesforce continues to roll out the ongoing functionality.

Giving Back to The Community

nubik working together to give back to the community -

One of Nubik’s values is giving back to the community. We not only encourage individual employees to get involved and support causes they believe in, we also work together as a team to fundraise and volunteer. Community engagement helps us stay connected despite working remotely in our day-to-day.

2016 was a big year of growth for us, and that success flowed over into our efforts to give back. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Together with our friends from Salesforce, we participated in Community Day at Moisson Montreal, Canada’s largest food bank.
  • In June, we held an arcade event on behalf of Miriam Foundation, which supports people with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders.
  • Another great initiative by Team Nubik: our hockey team placed 3rd in its category during Games for Hope. 100% of the net proceeds raised from this event were shared amongst The Starlight Children’s Foundation – Quebec, Breakfast Club of Canada, and Leucan (Montréal – Laval)
  • We donated our time to Foundation Jovia, which sends therapeutic clowns and entertainers into children’s hospitals to brighten their day.
  • We broke a sweat at the Lachine Marathon to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Society Montreal.
  • We supported two of our employees, Guillaume and Xavier, while they skiied for 24H Tremblant, which benefits three major foundations dedicated to children’s causes, including the Charles Bruneau Foundation, the Senators Foundation and Fondation Tremblant.
  • We also cheered on Xavier again when he biked in the Tour Charles Bruneau which benefits the Fondation Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau.
  • In December, we collected non perishables for la Guignolé at our Christmas party.
  • This year already, and last year, we attended the fundraising events of Suicide Action Montreal.

We at Nubik are pleased to use our passion and energy to support so many important causes.

We already have big plans for 2017, with Kurling 4 Kids coming up and many more!

Here’s your chance to donate to our teams and help us give back!
Nubik Shot Rock
The Broomers

When we work together, we all benefit.

Nubik Goes Back to School

Nubik teaches how to become a Salesforce Adminstrator at New Brunswick Community College

There’s no doubt Nubik values constant learning and training. With over 80 Salesforce certifications on our team combined, you can tell we’re always hitting the books. So no big surprise when our Customer Solutions Director for the Maritimes, Jeff Kimball, decided to go back to school. However, he’s not acting as a student, but as a teacher!

Jeff will be leading the new Essentials of Salesforce Administration course at New Brunswick Community College (NBCC).

NBCC is the very first post-secondary education institution in all of Atlantic Canada to offer a Salesforce course. With so many businesses getting into the Cloud and many government organizations in the Maritimes already using Salesforce, this course was certainly needed as more and more companies will be needing workers with these skills.

The subject matter is right up Jeff’s alley. Working with Salesforce for over 10 years, he can bring his hands-on experience from consulting to the classroom. Students will benefit from not only the technical knowledge, but the many and varied practical applications the platform offers.

Registration is open now. Nubik wishes Jeff and the students at NBCC an excellent course and maybe we’ll have some new admins joining our team!

Document Generation: Know your options

Once you’ve launched Salesforce, and centralized your Sales Operations, it’s time to look beyond the basics and think about how you can extend the functionality across other business processes. Many of our customers consider document generation a next logical step to help centralize, streamline and drive Salesforce adoption for their organization.

Document generation which is automatically producing a file that is dynamically populated with information from within your Salesforce database is a great way to quickly gainsales process efficiency, drive Salesforce adoption, and help your team be more productive overall.

At Nubik, we have helped our customers implement a number of solutions. Depending on their infrastructure, we look at a few factors:rs-docs-main-image

  • Number of Salesforce users
  • Number and type of document templates


For companies that manage only a few documents as part of their quoting system, often the native Salesforce quote generator is all they need. But some companies need a more robust functionality, so we look to the AppExchange. A company who manages their business templates in the Google Docs and the G-Suite, may benefit from a system like RS Documents by Ramsey Solutions, or Nubik Docs.

On the other hand, for a company that manages documents in Word, we typically recommend Conga Composer.

Conga Composer is deeply rooted in the Salesforce platform. It’s been around for 7 years and is used by over 8,000 customers, in 45+ countries, across all industries. It allows you to merge Salesforce data from any standard or custom object to create documents, presentations, and reports in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML email, or PDF. It is a natural complement to your sales process.

You can read about the features and use cases on the Conga website, but here are some of the benefits our customers get with Conga Composer:

All in one place

All of your business templates are accessible right from Salesforce, so your team doesn’t have to spend another minute digging through a folder directory for the right template. Not only that,  they always have the latest version, so there is no risk that something goes out to a customer that isn’t formatted or organized consistent with how you want things done.

No more copy-pastedocument-generation-1-1200x600

All the data is already in Salesforce, so rather than add it to the document manually, it’s updated automatically based on predefined field mapping. Not to mention, Conga will automatically send merged documents directly to your customers, giving you that extra bit of efficiency and traceability than if you had to manually attach the document.

A clean audit trail

Who remembers sending quotes pasted into the body of an email? No more! Conga will automatically update fields in Salesforce once a document is generated, sent, accepted and so on. This means you get to track each and every quote sent to your customer during the opportunity process.

** PRO TIP **

Quotes are a great way to not only brand your organization but also offer the opportunity to include marketing messaging for your other products. With Conga, your templates can include information about other products from which your customers might benefit – and because it’s all templated, you don’t have to wonder whether your Sales Manager included the information or not.

FinancialForce Integration 

At Nubik, we’ve seen everything from sales quotes to thank you letters, surveys, even legal contracts … earlier this month, FinancialForce announced a new agreement with Conga that has us very excited: Conga Integration for Financial Services. In other words, document generation and data management included with Financial Management.  More specifically, the following components are included with Financial Management products:

1. FinancialForce Conga Integration managed package which includes:documents

  • Predefined templates for FinancialForce Accounting: Sales invoices, Sales Credit Notes, Payable Checks, Payable Remittances, Customer Statements
  • Configured buttons and scripts to run the predefined templates


2. Conga Composer – used for…

  • Creation of new templates
  • Modifying existing templates (including the templates pre-defined by FinancialForce)
  • Generating forms one at a time


3. Conga Conductor and Workflow – used for…

  • Generating multiple merged documents at a time
  • Enabling predefined delivery methods and executed according to a specific schedule

Nubik’s experience with Conga will help get your team on the right path for adoption, and fully leverage the capabilities of Salesforce. Ready to get started? Contact us today.

Customer Service Success Consulting

Customer support and service has never been more critical, and is an integral part of the product experience, playing a critical role in building your customer base, your reputation and your success.

At the same time, the possible contact points with customers has grown from the traditional phone and email to include chat, online forums and communities, and social media, adding complexity to your service practices and bringing new technological challenges.

The Nubik Customer Service Success Program is designed to help your organization develop, implement and maintain the highest levels of customer support and service.

Focused on technology companies, the Nubik Customer Service Success Program delivers world-class consulting services for:

  • Assessment of Customer Service
  • Design and implementation of enhanced service strategy, process and management
  • Coaching and training for management and staff

With experienced, expert consultants, Nubik brings industry best practise, deep technological knowledge and practical business savvy to the task of helping your organisation overcome the challenges of delivering and maintaining high-quality customer support services.


Nubik’s Five Foundations of Service Success:

  • A vision and strategy of service that reflects corporate values, and has measurable and achievable objectives.
  • Know your customer expectations and how you are meeting and exceeding them.
  • Use technology that serves your customers, your service staff, service management and your executive team.
  • Develop and manage your human capital with hiring and training policies that attract and develop excellence in every interaction with your customers.
  • Design and implement process and procedure that support your goals, with measures and metrics that show how you reach them.

The Nubik Customer Service Success Program consists of a series of activities and workshops, as follows:

Alignment of Corporate objectives, service objectives, and service strategy

This is a review of the explicit and implicit corporate objectives, service objectives and service strategy and a critical analysis of how and where they do and do not align.

Business process alignment                                                             

This is a review of those business processes that intersect with customer service activities and processes, including sales and marketing, engineering, accounting.

Customer relationship management

This is an in-depth review of all customer contact points (phone, email, chat, social media etc.) and will examine case handling, escalation, exception, and complaint resolution.

Service Organization structure

This is a review of the service organization structure, examining the effectiveness and use of tiered support and service, interactions with other business areas (sales, marketing, engineering , accounting), service management and responsibilities reporting.

Operational metrics

This is a review the existing operational metrics for service activity, including case resolution times and rates, agent productivity, customer satisfaction and others.

Training and staff management

This is a review of hiring and staff training, including job descriptions, on-boarding, continued mentoring and performance reviews.

Which each step, you will receive an executive summary and a detailed review that gives you a clear snapshot of your current company pain points and areas to improve.

Based on the outcome of the assessment, Nubik consultants will engage in the design and implementation of enhanced service strategy, process and management. We will then lead a series of workshops/clinics to create a service vision and strategy that leads you to success. That includes ensuring that customer service processes and procedures map to your stated vision and strategy, support your staff and management in their day-to-day activities, and intersect efficiently with other areas of the business.

Nubik consulting services and expertise are not limited Salesforce and FinancialForce implementations. We are invested in having all the moving parts of your company operating at peak-performance. Contact us to have us start working with you towards your success.

Top 10 Tips to Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

By Jennifer Hickey, Nubik Project Manager

Salesforce implementations are exciting. They give the chance for companies to change, to improve to get up to speed in this fast paced tech world. Stakeholders work hard to gather requirements and design systems that their users will love and be thrilled to use. Until Training Day. Training can make the difference between a Salesforce that users enthusiastically adopt or miserably reject. Though there are many factors that affect Salesforce Adoption, I’ll save that for another article and today write specifically about the things that make or break a Salesforce training.

1. Plan Ahead
There are a lot of logistics behind a training. The schedule, attendees, location, equipment, WIFI, whiteboards, projectors, laptops for users and login access. Having all these things set up and configured before the training will save a lot of time and frustration for the trainer and trainees. Spending an hour trying to get users to login will set a negative energy from the get go. Be organized and start the day off with ease.

2. Introductions
Every training should begin with an introductory address from the stakeholder from the executive team. This person should explain the purpose and goals of the Salesforce implementation and the direction the company is taking. This will put users into context and pave the road for the trainer.

3. Reassure
Like anything new, there is always some level of fear of the unknown and change. Whether someone feels comfortable with technology or not, it is really important to let the users know that they will be okay and they will be supported. They should understand the system is not perfect, but will continually evolve with their feedback. Adoption comes from learning by doing.

4. Set 3 Clear Objectives
Let them know that a lot of ground will be covered, but if at the end of the day they understand these 3 things, then it will have been a success. Remember to wrap up the day with the same three objectives.

5. The Cadillac
Talk about how awesome Salesforce is and how lucky they are to be using this prestigious software. The leader of CRMs worldwide.

6. A Quick Reminder
Remind them this solution was customized to fit their business and it will make them more efficient.

7. What’s In It For Me?
It’s always an individual’s concern, so bring it back to the job role and the role each person plays in the functioning of the company.

8. Practice
Plan 2-3 hands-on exercises for users to try on their own and circle the room to answer questions.

9. Support
Provide the resources for support. Make a clear action plan for what to do when they need help, whether it’s phone, email, cases, documents, videos, Chatter.

10. End on a High Note
Champion wrap up. Have a super user/SF Champion wrap up the day. Encourage. Offer support.

There you have it! Change can be scary, but once over a few bumps in the road, it’s easy to look back and see they were just little pebbles and really not so big after all. It’s important to impress upon employees that this is a change they are going through with support and all together as a team. It can bring a team closer together – not just adding efficiency to your workflow.

Contact us – we’re not just certified Salesforce consultants, we also have expertise in Change Management. These two factors distinguish us in being able to guide your company during the transition and bring you up to the next level.